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Augusto Exposito Di Lorenzo
My name is Augusto and I have been involved in professional padel for 16 years as a coach, director, and team manager. I have experience in national and international tournaments as well as in specialized preparation for each player. I have coached in Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Italy, and teaching coaching classes and retraining courses. I speak Spanish, English and Russian.
Claes Olofsson
My name is Claes Olofsson and I have been playing padel since 2017 when it was introduced to my hometown Trollhättan in Sweden.
In 2022 I became an official ambassador for Northpadel. As an ambassador I test and use products from Northpadel as well as provide other players the possibility to try rackets and other products. I also share my experience with all the products on social media.
I speak swedish, english and “padelish”
Alvaro Martinez
Hello! It’s Alvaro. As a coach and player, I have had the opportunity to grow and work in different cities like Madrid, Marbella, and Buenos Aires. At the same time, I have been trained by recognised coaches, acquiring knowledge about technique and tactic game applicable at any level. I speak Spanish and English.
Nino Cosovic Mattsson
Hi my name is Nino Cosovic Mattsson 22 years and works as a salesman at the telenor store in Karlskrona. I live in Olofström work in Karlskrona playing padel in Blekinge and parts of Skåne. My padel career really started in 2019 when my elite bet on hockey was finished. I play 5-6 times a week and will never get tired. If you want to meet me and try something from Northpadel, I am at most padel halls from Karlskrona to Åhus, just contact me.
Have a good day
Nino Cosovic Mattsson

If you want to be a dealer, ambassador, in your area, and thus take part in our top products, you are welcome to contact us directly via e-mail. info@northpadel.com

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